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Integrated Touchfree

"When I look at AMERIA's touchfree solutions, it's just amazing to see how technology is enabling the natural behavior of users. AMERIA's gesture control is so intuitive, sensitive, easy and therefore so much more enjoyable for the user. This is almost unimaginable when you look back at the development of gesture control in general."

Stevan Dragas
Stevan Dragas
Digital Signage Segment Manager EMEA, Intel

"When it comes to gesture control of displays, we rely on our partner AMERIA. AMERIA is one of the pioneers in the field and brings around ten years of experience to our joint projects. AMERIA's CX Touchfree technology is unique worldwide and enables touchfree yet highly precise operation of our kiosk terminals."

Josef Schneider
Josef Schneider
Former CEO, Pyramid Computer GmbH

The ecosystem for easy management and integration.

The AMERIA Cloud ecosystem gets you started right away. Create and manage your contents and generate valuable data. Or integrate with the system you are already running.

Integrated Touchfree

So easy to use, we won't even call it Plug & Play.

Get your brand and product assets future ready & interactive.

No content? No problem! We got you covered with our content packages ranging from customizable games to adaptable templates. If you want to go fully custom, our creative team is ready to support for the best user experience possible.


Customize apps from our content database. Include logos, images, videos, etc.


Choose a template and get started.


Work with our creative consultants to build your own content concept.


Go fully individual with own games & experiences using platforms like Unity or Unreal.

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