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Compact promoter

Increase engagement with interactive touchpoints.

Inspire customers with interactive, touchfree touchpoints - even in a small space. Ideal for lead generation, brand communication and as a connection to your online world.

Activate customers in a compact format.
Meet new consumer expectations. Connect your stores with your online offering.
Compact promoter
Digitalization for public spaces.
Inform and guide visitors via precise Touchfree interaction also with small-scale content.
Compact promoter

"We are thrilled to be working with AMERIA. The Connected Experience® offers our customers a completely new digital experience in selected Porsche Centres and showrooms worldwide and is a valuable end-to-end solution that interacts perfectly with our existing systems."

Barbara Frenkel
Barbara Frenkel
Member of the Executive Board, Procurement, Porsche AG

"We are proud that Heidelberg is home to leaders in innovation like AMERIA and it's particularly exciting to be able to use their solutions in our citizens' office. The Compact Promoter with its touchless interaction is use-friendly, adds value to the citizens and the city and has a lot of further potential for citizen communication."

Dr. Eckart Würzner
Dr. Eckart Würzner
Lord Mayor of Heidelberg

The ecosystem for easy management and integration.

The AMERIA Cloud ecosystem gets you started right away. Create and manage your content and generate valuable data. Or integrate with the system you are already running.

Compact promoter
Compact promoter

Sony Professional
Displays Edition

So easy to use, we won't even call it Plug & Play.

In a world of complex systems, easy integration is key. The AMERIA Compact Promoter can be set up quickly and only needs internet and a regular power connection.

Get your brand and product assets future ready & interactive.

No content? No problem! We got you covered with our content packages ranging from customizable games to adaptable templates. If you want to go fully custom, our creative team is ready to support for the best user experience possible.


Customize apps from our content database. Include logos, images, videos, etc.


Choose a template and get started.


Work with our creative consultants to build your own content concept.


Go fully individual with own games & experiences using platforms like Unity or Unreal.

Store the Compact Promoter. Starting at € 9,990.

Inspire customers with interactive, touchfree touchpoints - even in a small space.

A selection of our partners:

Partner Logo AMERIA AG
Partner Logo AMERIA AG
Logo Partner Section
Partner Logo AMERIA AG
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