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AMERIA offers exciting opportunities for investors. Learn MORE ABOUT THE NEW TOUCHFREE STANDARD MADE IN GERMANY in the following video:

Touchfree as the new standard
AMERIA AG from Heidelberg inspires customers with touchfree interaction, helping manufacturers and retailers sell more and gain personalised customer data. From retail to consumer goods manufacturers to public institutions, the areas of application are almost limitless. The solutions have gained enormous importance for many companies due to current global developments and the acceleration of digitalisation. AMERIA AG sets the new standard for interaction in public with its touchfree solutions.

The key to an entire ecosystem
"Online", providers can personalise offers for their customers on the basis of numerous data. "Offline", in shops, at trade fairs, events or in cities, this is hardly possible so far; here, operators know almost nothing about the needs of their customers, visitors or citizens. Intelligent contact points to customers on site form the link from the offline world to the online world. AMERIA's business customers want direct, digital interaction on site and thus skip intermediaries such as app stores and marketplaces. The interaction is of course touchfree with AMERIA's patented gesture control. Common application scenarios range from interactive promotions and information transfer to self-service terminals such as ordering kiosks in system catering. Intelligent networking and operation are ensured by AMERIA's cloud software Connected Experience®.

Connected Experience®
This unique software ecosystem makes it possible to operate all digital contact points such as interactive screens, beacons or virtual reality glasses in a centralised manner, to play out content in real time and thus to gain personalised customer data in the offline world.

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Financing rounds of AMERIA AG.

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