Industry, Healthcare & Public Sector

The Touchfree Standard for Industry, Healthcare & Public Sector.

The new human-machine interface for a 3D world. AMERIA's new Touchfree standard is now available for any device. The deep tech solution that opens the Gateway to the Metaverse.


The Touchfree Standard provides tremendous added value for
industry, healthcare and public spaces.

Touchfree interaction avoids disinfection, wear and tear, and cleaning efforts

Interaction possible despite gloves, dirty or sterile environments in the industrial environment

80% of all customers in fast food restaurants would like to use touchfree screens instead of touchscreens

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"With simple, touchfree clicks, you get to the right place instantly. And that's innovative!"


Bernd Köster, Head of Citizens' and Public Order Office, City of Heidelberg

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The Touchfree Standard of AMERIAG AG

AMERIA is the first company to develop a fully software-based gesture control technology that is hardware independent (monitors, cameras, etc.). AMERIA AG's unique gesture control can thus be used almost anywhere and at any time.


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