AMERIA personally affected by the Ukraine war and supports employees and families to come to Germany in time.

The devastating war in Ukraine is a human tragedy. Our deepest sympathy and concern go out to the millions of people who have been directly affected. The war in Ukraine also affects us at AMERIA AG very personally. Until the beginning of the war, 23 permanent employees and many more freelancers lived and worked in Kiev as part of our subsidiary in Ukraine. They contribute to the success of AMERIA AG on a daily basis.

We have been friends with some of these colleagues for over 20 years. We cannot resolve this conflict, yet we have done everything we can to bring our employees and their families to safety and to offer them protection in Heidelberg for the time being. For those who want to stay in Germany, we will offer a long-term perspective.

We very much hope that the war will end soon and are glad that our colleagues and their families are safe and healthy in Heidelberg. In the TV report, you will get some impressions of a small welcome and peace festival that we held in mid-March.

Our special thanks go to all supporters, customers, partners and investors who approached us with concrete offers of help, encouragement and compassion.

We are still interested in tips, especially for affordable housing and for long-term stays in the Heidelberg area.

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